Diva Institut & Beauty Academy is an educational project that aims to systematize and complete the pedagogy standard of semi-permanent beauty services.
The Diva concept is founded by Medi Kiss, an internationally recognized master trainer, for exceptional results and revolutionizing the dermopigmentation field. I wish to convey both valuable information and my passion for this field.


Medi DIVA Institut & Beauty ACADEMY

From the beginning of my journey in the world of beauty, I understood that only true passionate people become professionals!

With relevant experience in definitive and traditional hair removal, we have acquired the knowledge and skills necessary in the art of creating something beautiful, treating all the problematic areas of the body equally.

Physical comfort is one of the strongest arguments when it comes to hair removal!


Gabriela Slider
Gabriela DIVA Institut & Beauty ACADEMY

After more than 20 years of experience in the profession of manicurist, I have found that achieving a perfect manicure and pedicure is not as simple an action as it seems.
I have always supported the naturalness, the neat look of the hands and feet and the health of the skin.
Both manicure and pedicure can be done with great creativity to create the style of any lady.


Annie DIVA Institut & Beauty ACADEMY


I visited them a few times and I'll visit them, I'm ``the best``. The best, welcoming and with the best and best results! I recommend with confidence!

Cristina Sandu
Cristina Sandu DIVA Institut & Beauty ACADEMY

The best of the good, the results were in line with my expectations. I am very pleased with the experience and will repeat it soon. I can not wait to go back to the clinic again!

Andreea Andre
Andreea Andre DIVA Institut & Beauty ACADEMY

Super profi, DIVA the best. I am very pleased with the result. I come back with great pleasure!

Ramona Dumitru
Ramona Dumitru DIVA Institut & Beauty ACADEMY

A clinic where you are welcomed with the open door, I am very pleased with the results. Thanks DIVA Institute & Beauty ACADEMY, I strongly recommend you are very good!

Larisa Dzl
Larisa Dzl DIVA Institut & Beauty ACADEMY

I contacted DIVA Institut & Beauty ACADEMY. I had emotions but thankfully the lady assured me that nothing would be painful. I am very excited and will come back with love!

Corina Elena
Corina Elena DIVA Institut & Beauty ACADEMY

With much fear and emotions, we have called on DIVA Institut & Beauty ACADEMY to have something as natural as possible. There I met a super-friendly staff. I trust the best!

Irina Tudorache
Irina Tudorache DIVA Institut & Beauty ACADEMY

2 days ago I had the best interventions and I am very pleased, the super team. Thank you!

Marteniuc Doinita
Marteniuc Doinita DIVA Institut & Beauty ACADEMY

Today I received a depigmentation treatment, I want to tell you that I was treated very well and besides that I am very pleased with the result!

Voinea Theodora
Voinea Theodora DIVA Institut & Beauty ACADEMY